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We provide end-to-end, partial, or completely customized RPO solutions for corporate recruit needs. We can refine your recruitment strategy, optimize processes and systems, expand your talent pool, diversify recruitment channels, and strengthen your employer brand.

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Enterprise Challenges

|Under business expansion, traditional recruitment cannot quickly meet increased talent demand

With more companies expanding into new markets, or transforming their recruitment and management structure, there is a surge in talent demand for several positions that are difficult to be filled in a short time.

|Limited recruitment resources, channels, systems, and capacity

Channels: Traditional systems rely heavily on internal referrals and basic hiring portals.
Resources: Quality of candidates is inconsistent, particularly for high-demand professional and technical roles.
System: Lacks intelligent management and data-driven analysis, as well as innovative tools.
Capacity: Developing an in-house recruitment team requires high investment with limited ROI.

|Lacks market insights and expertise in developing recruitment strategies and system

It is urgent for enterprises to develop an effective recruitment strategy and manage their fluctuating talent demands in accordance with the real needs of the company, industry, and entire market, to ensure sustainable business growth.

|Weak employer branding

Some enterprises have not developed employer branding awareness in their talent acquisition process. With a weak employer brand and average compensation, it is challenging to recruit high-quality talents in the face of fierce competition.

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