HR Planning and Consulting

Service Description

We specialize in HR management consulting. Our services encompass HR diagnostics, strategic planning, organizational structure, compensation systems, training, employee incentives, and executive remuneration. We also offer recruitment management consulting, including process optimization, shared service center development, and employer branding to enhance hiring efficiency.

Our Services


Service Structure (HR Planning and Consulting)

Part 1 Research services: Standardized services + Customized services

  • Standardized services: Industry report of Job report、Salary report、Talent report
  • Customized services: Business problem research、Talent mapping、Customized job research、Targeted salary research

Part 2 Consulting services: Job grade design + Job value assessment + Salary design + Performance design + HR status diagnosis + HR system development + Long-term incentive design + Recruitment process digitization + Organizational structure design


Mapping – Talent, Structure, Salary, Business

Tailored for strategic consulting, HR consulting, and high-end headhunting, we conduct focused analyses of business status, HR dynamics, organizational structures, and salary systems. Our goal is to address client challenges in establishing operations and recruiting top talent effectively.


Recruitment Consulting

  • Issue:Low hiring efficiency + Ineffective hiring team + Recruitment cost control
  • Solutions:Rebuild Recruitment Organization Structure

KPI design for recruitment team + Budget management & Cost control + Recruitment channel optimization and development + Recruitment process analysis and enhancement

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Our dedication to quality service and innovative solutions continues to set us apart as a trusted partner in the global human resources landscape.