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We offer flexible staffing services to meet enterprises’ varying human resource demands during peak seasons, project launches, maternity leaves, headcount constraints, and more. This flexibility enhances organizational adaptability while mitigating employment risks and costs.

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Enterprise Challenges

|The need to revolutionize rigid traditional employment practices

Large organizations aim to enhance agility through flexible organizational structures, employment practices, and talent deployment, diverging from conventional models to better align with current business strategies and development needs.

|Inconsistent talent acquisition and management quality across various scenarios

New projects and seasonal demands necessitate swift and capable staffing solutions.
Rapid business growth requires a large talent pool.
Temporary substitutes are needed for staff on maternity/paternity leave or long-term illness.
Traditional HR management and repetitive administrative tasks are inefficient.

|High employment costs and management risks

Maintaining an internal recruitment team and investing in personnel management and training increase labor costs.
Furthermore, employee turnover, labor disputes, work-related injuries, and accidents pose risks to enterprises, potentially resulting in economic losses or legal liabilities, thereby affecting regular operations.

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