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Sunwood’s HR training and development service focuses on corporate consulting, research, training, and evaluation. With 20 years of industry experience, we have designed and implemented renowned training courses and consulting projects in integrated corporate HR management, benefiting numerous enterprises.

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HR Training and Development

For Gold Recruiter

01 Recruitment challenges

(Unplanned urgent hiring requests from business departments, prone to changes, lead to challenges in smooth cooperation + Recruitment challenges include navigating through a large influx of low-quality resumes and mismatched competencies, as well as the difficulty in negotiating with and retaining high-caliber talents+ It is time-consuming, inefficient, and costly to manage a recruitment service provider.

02 Training details of Recruitment Skills
  • Problem Identification: Analyze common challenges HR encounters during the recruitment  process.
  • Competency Modeling: Establish a competency model for HR recruitment, and set different standards for different levels.
  • Systematic training:Systematic Training: Implement structured and tailored training programs based on recruiter competency needs.
  • Pre-Employment Certification: Establish evaluation criteria and conduct certifications for recruiters based on standard requirements.
  • Performance Evaluation: Conduct multidimensional assessments of recruiters’ performance to address challenges and enhance recruitment capabilities.
03 Benefits during training
  • Develop and execute recruitment strategies
  • Enhance overall recruitment capabilities
  • Address diverse needs through tailored classification
  • Boost satisfaction across different Business Units (BUs)
  • Strengthen employer branding

For Gold Interviewer

01 Challenges faced by hiring manager
  • Laborious talent sourcing: Finding exceptional candidates is challenging due to limited availability.
  • Costly hiring mistakes: Candidates who appear exceptional during interviews may perform inadequately once employed.
  • High turnover: Candidates often lack the stability to grow with the company.
  • Offer turndown: Selected candidates may decline offers due to competitive job market conditions.
02 Training details of Recruitment Skills
  • Trainee Selection: Identify based on company needs.
  • Theoretical Training: Custom plans, manage, deliver, assess. Provide interview guidelines.
  • Practical Sessions: Set criteria, conduct sessions, monitor.
  • Comprehensive Certification: Multi-level evaluation.
  • Performance Evaluation: Annual review, retrain low performers.
03 Benefits during training

For Business:

  • Recognize the Significance of Talent Acquisition
  • Define Roles between Hiring Managers and HR in Recruitment and Interviews
  • Enhance Capability to Identify and Attract the Best Talent
  • ffectively Retain and Utilize Talent to Drive Business Growth

For HR:

  • Enhance Collaboration with Business Units to Improve Hiring Efficiency
  • Ensure High-Quality Recruitment through Professional Interview Techniques
  • Enhance Employer Branding to Enhance Talent Attraction

Leadership Development

01 Leadership Challenges faced by Chinese companies
  • Strategic Alignment: Effectively grasp and implement company strategy; transition from individual contributor to team leader.
  • Team Collaboration: Enhance teamwork and overall performance; streamline work processes and boost efficiency; accelerate development of key team members.
  • Ambiguous Methods: Lack of practical measures to enhance performance, foster leadership development, and promote team growth effectively within the organization.
02 Training details
  • Individual: Improve personal leadership
  • Team:Improve team combat effectiveness through team development.
  • Organization: Achieve organizational performance by improving management.
  • Environment: Maintain industry leadership and corporate social responsibility.
03 Benefits during training

Enhance organizational sustainability and performance with strategic thinking, change management training, and personal development in focus, awareness, and resilience for companies, leaders, and employees to boost managerial capabilities effectively.

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